Over the weekend, the Nintendo 3DS finally went on sale in the West. Kotaku reader Alastair saved for months to get his own Aqua Blue 3DS. Then, he totally ruined it.

"Within a couple of hours of opening the box I managed to spill metal polish on the desk on which the new handheld was sitting," Alastair tells Kotaku. "It got in to the upper screen and has damaged the LCD and jammed the 3D depth slider."

Nintendo UK is closed until later today, meaning that Alastair had to spend the whole weekend wondering how to get his 3DS fixed.

Adds Alastair, "It took me a couple of months to save for it, so I'm imagining that after waiting months for the release I'm now going to wait months to get enough money to replace it and I still haven't played any games!"

Let this be a lesson to all: Keep metal polish FAR AWAY from your gaming electronics.