Or this might be your dinner. Not sure. Apologies for the sideways camera angle. Stupid iPhone keeps doing that.

No, Lady, You Can't Play Facebook Games On Your Government Computer A public servant working for an Australian politician has asked for "extended internet access" on her work computer. Why? So she could play Facebook games. The cheek of some people!

What Do Left 4 Dead 2 And Infamous 2 Have In Common? Well, they're both sequels...but there's more. Both games feature the vocal talents of actor Eric Ladin, who's appeared on Mad Men as well as starring in a new crime program The Killing.

We Had No Idea Link Had A Fussy Jewish Mother "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this". It's a classic Zelda line, uttered by the Old Man as he gives Link his first sword. But what if, instead of it being an old man, it was Link's old lady?

Bored Of Fighting Games, Man Destroys Windshield Wipers Thirty-one year-old Kenichi Moriai was unemployed. But after his fighting game-inspired rampage bent on destroying windshield wipers, he wasn't just out of a job, he was arrested. Again.

Going Crazy For Alice: Madness Returns A decade on from American McGee's Alice, a stylishly gothic and twisted interpretation of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland, gamers are given the opportunity to return to this twisted world with Alice: Madness Returns. It's not crazy to delight in that not much has changed over the past decade for Alice, is it?

The Soothing Sounds Of… Minecraft ? I don't normally associate feelings of tranquillity with playing Minecraft. Normally it's a blend of tedium and sheer panic. The game's official soundtrack, though, is as tranquil as a good night's sleep.

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