Too. Much. Crap. Probably should bin these toys, but won't. I kinda like Happy Meal toys! They're so...happy.

Our First Look At Batman: Arkham City In Motion Is A Stunner 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum set a new bar for super hero video games, a game unexpectedly great. Based on what we've seen of the sequel today, the developer of greater than expected Batman games is ready to shatter our expectations again.

Could This Be The First Nintendo 3DS Unboxing Video? Remember when game machines used to have street dates? China doesn't.

Video Gaming's Most Terrifying Enemy Was Made By…Nintendo You think Nintendo characters, and you think kid's stuff. Big eyes, cute haircuts, cuddly creations that couldn't scare a baby. But there is one character the company created that, even as an adult, scares the crap out of me.

Where Geeks Get Their Hair Cut Real hair or fake hair, it doesn't matter. Akihabara salon Fuwat will totally cut them both.

PS3 Hacker Threatened With Prison And Million-Dollar Fine A legal document posted on, reportedly from the offices of law firm Arnold Ruess, shows that the hacker whose home was earlier this week raided by police is now facing threats of jail time and/or massive fines.