It's true, studying in toilet is the best. Here's what we have taped on the door of our bathroom — poems from the hyakunin isshu. Kind of makes the toilet seem all the more literate.

When Your Developer Goes Bust, The Music Must Go On Game designer (and musical maestro) Simon Viklund has had some adjusting to do over the past few years, watching a game series he was once a driving force behind end up in the arms of another man. Well, team.

Nintendo-Powered Museum Closes Its Doors I often get emails from readers, asking where they should go while visiting Japan. There are the obvious answers like Akihabara or Den-Den Town. But one place I usually recommend, a Nintendo-funded museum in Kyoto, is closing its doors. For the time being, at least.

This Uncharted Art Is So Good You'll Think You Can Touch It Despite the amazing name, Hanno Hagedorn is not a Norse God. He is a mortal, an artist who worked on Uncharted 2, crafting 3D images so damn pretty you have to be told they're not actual works of sculpture.

Celebrate Zelda's Birthday With This Stunning Painting Japanese artist ag+ has commemorated the 25th anniversary of the release of the original Legend of Zelda in the best possible way: with one of the most amazing pieces of fan art you will ever see.

How The Great Gatsby Became A Long Lost NES Game The Great Gatsby—the "NES" version, that is—started its strange life as a single screen shot, a pixelated recreation of Francis Cugat's iconic cover art for F. Scott Fitzgerald's great American novel.