Man, does this ever happen to you? I used my iPhone to film this video in the panoramic, and it ends up clipped down the middle and turned sideways. It does make the Night Note look like it was shot in space.


The 3DS, Torn To Pieces Later this week, the glasses-free Nintendo 3DS goes on sale in Japan. A Chinese site already has its hands on the hot portable, and it's ripped it into pieces.

Man Deep Fries PSP, Tries To Eat It Tempura is typically a Japanese dish of deep-fried fish or vegetables. Here, it's deep fried PSP. The mind boggles.

Happy 25th Birthday, The Legend Of Zelda Twenty-five years ago today, an ambitious title was released in Japan that would, in time, become one of the biggest and most important franchises in video game history.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Still A PS3 Exclusive…For Now The most recent issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump features an article on upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The game is supposed to be a PS3 exclusive. The latest V-Jump begs to differ.

Assassin's Creed: The After-School Cartoon Would Be A Blast Assassin's Creed is a pretty serious franchise! It's nothing but killing, war, politics, religion and prostitutes. It's about time it lightened up. Maybe with an animated series?

Playing Games Is Easier Than Being A Pop Star Citing fatigue, pop star Hikaru Utada is taking 2011 off. She's not touring and not releasing any new albums. Instead, she's doing what many do when they want to relax: she's playing video games.