Apologies if you get a bendy neck from the funny camera angle.

Food always tastes better when it's made in the face of a cute bear. Always.

I Just Used A $400 Joystick For the price of a PlayStation 3, Saitek's new X-65F Flight Control System for the PC had damn well better be the best video game peripheral ever made.

German Cops And Cosplay Do Not Mix In first-person shooter Killzone 3, the Helghast are the gas-mask wearing baddies. Cloaked in black and with glowing eyes, you wouldn't want to meet one on the street. And in Munich, Germany, you won't.

Osaka's Geek District Turning Into Den Of Iniquity Den-Den Town, Osaka's "denkigai" or "electric town", is known for its used game retailers like Super Potato and figure shops like Osaka Gundams. There are also the maid cafes, where folks can get a coffee and talk to a maid. Some, however, are serving way more than coffee.

The Stupidest News Report Ever? There's stupid, and there's stupid. According to the country's biggest newspaper, South Korea's Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation ran a segment that sounds rather "thick". This might not be the dumbest TV news reporting on gaming ever, but it's up there.

Nintendo's War On Blood, Nazis, Religion And Puppy Dogs While these days it's not that hard finding violent, mature titles on Nintendo consoles, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, that wasn't the case. And when you did find them, well, some "changes" had been made.

Who Will Conquer China? China is now officially the second largest economy on the planet. And video game consoles are technically illegal. One day, that might change.