Went to the in-laws over the weekend and got some Valentine's chocolate from my Mother-in-law. Apologies for all the people chattering away in Japanese!

Also ate some clams. Bad clams. Man, there's nothing worse than bad clams.

Darkspore Splices Fresh DNA Into Online MultiplayerSpore is an amazing creative experience diluted by a broad gameplay focus. Darkspore has one focus: Building a better killing machine. I took my monster squad to task in story mode and player-versus-player combat and lived to tell the tale.

A Cosplayer Fit For Prime Time Alodia Gosiengfiao is more than a cosplayer. She's a super cosplayer, an über cosplayer with added umlaut, if you will. And she's proving that cosplay is more than putting on costumes.

Video Games Finally Won A Grammy The medium of video games won its first ever Grammy tonight. Yeah, it's for a song that was featured in a game that's nearly six years old, but we'll take it where we can get it!

PS3 Hacker Tells Sony How He Really Feels Remember when George Hotz, aka "GeoHot", appeared on television? He sounded so intelligent and well-composed, and Sony's lawsuit just seemed unwarranted. Now, Hotz doesn't nearly sound as well-composed, but rather NSFW and petulant. Well, at least he's got flow and rhymes.