I doubt even Johns Carmack and Romero sport a Doom collection quite as complete as this man's shrine to that classic first-person shooter.

"I'm Mahmut Saral. Doom is a very important series for me and Doom 4 will be amazing! I want to show you my Doom collection."

Doom is a very important series to all of gaming, Mahmut, and I hold the same high hopes for Doom 4. What I don't hold is one one-hundredth of the Doom swag you've managed to collect. Hell, all I've got is a boxed copy of Doom 3 and a copy of the Doom movie signed by Karl Urban, and it's not even a real signature. I did it myself, with a Sharpie. Oh Karl.

Check out images and a video (with some lovely music) of Mahmut's collection below, and be sure to visit his Flickr page to see more of the rare Doom items he's managed to horde.