Consider it the calm between two storms of news and stories. I spent today writing up my thoughts on Duke Nuke Forever and preparing for the kick off of the Design Innovate Communicate Entertain (DICE) summit.

Duke stuff hits tomorrow morning. It's going to be a busy rest of the week.

Lego Video Games Should Be This Cool I like most of the Lego video games. They present breezy opportunities to fight and explore. Their charm compensates for an over-emphasis on collecting things. I like these games, but I don't think they are as magnificent yet as this concept art for the spring's Lego Pirates of the Caribbean suggests they could be.

Reaching For The Top Of The Video Game World In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter SecretMobilin professes a strong desire for games that allow us to ascend the highest heights. Would you climb a video game mountain just because it was there?

The Darkness Returns With Hellish Quad-Wielding Action Four years after his tremendous video game debut, comic book anti-hero Jackie Estacado returns in The Darkness II, and this time he's bringing all four of his arms to bear at once.

Arcen Games Talk A Valley Without Wind Phill Cameron, Rock Paper Shotgun - Arcen Games Talk A Valley Without WindArcen Games, famed for AI War, financial troubles, and causing a shortage of iron, have announced their new game: A Valley Without Wind. It's quite the concept: survival in a procedurally generated world, exploration, magic, and… perma-death? Interesting.

Armed Camels and Cats Have Never Looked So Adorable, So Deadly Don't let the cats and camels fool you, Cat Shit One is not an animated series for the feint of heart.

Expert Blames Sexual Video Games For A Rise In Sexual Violence For one Fox News reporter the worst thing about Epic's upcoming first-person shooter isn't the over-the-top violence and excessive profanity. It's the naming of Skill Shots after sex acts. Could they lead to real-world sexual violence?

Why I Let Nintendo Beat A Video Game For Me A couple of weeks ago, I finished Donkey Kong Country Returns. I was warned that it would be tough. I was told I could get assistance. I resisted, until the end when I let Nintendo finish a game for me. I have no regrets.