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Here's one of the less obvious, but nevertheless classiest things about the new NGP/PSP2: its branding.

While the handheld bears the working title NGP, or Next Generation Portable, that's neither its final, formal name, nor is it present anywhere on the case of the new device.

All you get is...PlayStation. In that nice, clean font Sony has been using since the new PS3 logo debuted a few years back. No fancy names, no derivative numbers, this is just a PlayStation. And considering it looks to be able to handle everything from the PS1 to the PS3, that's probably what Sony is going for.

It's simple, it's classy, it's unassuming. All things sorely lacking from Sony's machines and behaviour last decade, so it's nice seeing them so prominent in the branding of this, a device for the decade to come.


UPDATE - Some readers have pointed out, wisely, that the "barren" logo may just be because the handheld doesn't yet have a formal name. We're hoping that, whatever name it ends up with, they keep the little "PlayStation" regardless!

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