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Finally, time for Playstation 3 owners to get some early, free time with an upcoming shooter.

Sony plans to release a free demo of Killzone 3's Icy Incursion level, which takes place about halfway through the game, next month. Playstation Plus members get the demo on Feb. 8, while everyone else gets it on Feb. 15.


The free demo will come in both 3D and 2D flavors, with separate Playstation Store downloads for each. Both demos will also be Playstation Move enabled, so you can give it a try yourself and see if you agree with my take on playing Killzone 3 with motion controls.

Of course you can play the demo the good old fashioned twin thumbstick way as well.


In the meantime go check out the Playstation Blog's full run down of the weapons coming to the game.

And don't forget about the multiplayer demo hitting on Feb. 2 for the game.

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