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The Central Plaza of Sony's PlayStation 3 virtual playground PlayStation Home has never looked quite as attractive as it will this Thursday. To think all it needed was an alien invasion.

Killzone 3 is coming on February 22, but the Helghast are touching down in PlayStation Home a little bit earlier than that. Starting Thursday, January 27, PlayStation Home users will be able to fight to secure the Central Plaza, transformed into the ISA's last stronghold against the Helghast assault.

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They'll do so by playing Central Plaza Defender, a first-person shooter in which players shoot down Helghast airships, take out their ground forces, and deliver supplies in order to earn points good towards unlocking items in Killzone 3 multiplayer.

Fans will even be able to preorder the game from Amazon via a PlayStation Home kiosk, scoring an exclusive jetpack for their Home avatar in the process.

This right here is the proper way to use PlayStation Home for marketing. Burn it down!

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