You'd think a game inspired by a Sony PSP ad — an ad that implied an iPhone game called Lame Castle would suck — would be a quick cash-in. You'd think that, but you'd be wrong.

Lame Castle, which was made after the Sony ad aired by the enterprising Bradley Johnson, is an endless-runner type of game. There are secondary objectives that keep gameplay interesting and do mix things up. Gameplay is...pretty easy! I don't mean that in a pejorative sense. It makes Lame Castle an enjoyable pick-up-and-play. Lame Castle needs a few more updates to flesh the game out — this isn't to say the game as is at the moment is bad. I'd like to see a little more variety in the levels.


The game is available for 99 cents on the iTunes stores (there's a free version too). All in all, Lame Castle is a lot of fun. Lame, this ain't.