Tokyo Says "Sayonara" To Freedom Of Speech?
Comment by: GunFlame: Digivolve into Wargunflamemon
Nominated by: Helba: Hubris is Humorous.

It's just another one of those reflex actions that seem to be the norm in politics.

They want to get support of the majority, the majority wants protections, and usually if they want protection it's because they have something to protect. Basically, it's aimed at pleasing the family side of the country as most of this stuff is. The individual already has fewer rights anyway in most countries (higher tax in some places).

This, like may other policies like this are a way to make some people happy and make it seem as though something is being done by politicians who are generally doing a poor job in reforming in the way that they promised.

So what do they do? Take the easy root and target the much criticized new comer: video games and still the niche orientated Manga and Anime market (although more widely accepted in Japan, it's still far from being as popular as regular printed media and TV).

It's an easy win and one that can easily get support. Why? Because the general consensus is that both of these mediums are targeted a children. Although this is far from the truth, the way that both are delivered and have been for a long time create the idea. So, here with have two generally disliked or misunderstood formats being focused on. The ones that have the greater voice decide to voice against it for both obvious reasons and misguided ones. It's a casualty of the uneducated.

It will always be the case. Animation and Video Games are not clear. It is too easy for those who don't know to consider them as child focused. When they see something orientated towards adults, they believe that it is just obscene material, not that it is for another audience.

TV and Movies are easily defined. Even pornography. You know exactly how they are bracketed and shelved. You know what to avoid. But with video games, God of War can be placed next to EyePet and Monster can be placed next to Doraeman. It's easy for those who do not know to believe that there isn't a certain focus. On a first pass, the definition isn't even clear.

Maybe this can be the case with TV and Movies, but we have gotten used to it. Maybe its not that we have gotten used to it but more because those who would usually oppose this kind of move actually watch TV and movies. Maybe because TV and Movies or at least the advertising involved produces a lot of revenue for the governments.

Either way, whatever the reason, until the new confusing and misunderstood thing comes a long, games, anime, manga and comics will be the scapegoat.

Sure, they make a lot of money and are widely liked, but not enough for some. Just look at the hype a Batman movie can build in comparison to a Batman comic. It's not even close.

Anyway, back to Japan, they have plenty of odd and unclear policies. In some media (usually depicted in games or art in some way) they would rather not see hugging exposed to the youth. How the hell can peace ever be promoted...

The Newest $350 Zelda Statue
Comment by: Zero_Beat
Nominated by: maxnichols

I see this statue, and I am blown away by its awesomeness.

Normally such awesomeness can only be attained by high-fiving Jesus while passing each other on your dragons at mach 3. But this statue manages to equal, if not exceed, that awesomeness for what is, compared to the price of maintaing a pet dragon and the risk of severe injury should the high-five fail, a mere pittance.

This is a statue that declares loudly, proudly, and strongly, "I am a nerd and damn proud of it!"

Yes, you could do a lot of other things with $350. You could buy a second console, or six Wii games after taxes, but at the end of that, you wouldn't have an awesome statue of a wolf and an imp-like creature with a light-up bit of hair. Also, research has shown that having wolf-related items automatically makes you cool.

So if you are a fan of Twilight Princess and can spare $350, buy this. You will grow chest hairs, women will want you, men will want to be you, and children will look to you as a hero.

Now all you need is the epic three-wolf moon shirt, this epic statue, and your own epic pet wolf, and have a picture of you wearing said shirt, your pet wolf, and this statue all howling at the moon. At that moment, the three of you will combine into a being of pure awesomeness for a fraction of a second. You will be shown things that no other person has seen, learn things that no other person has learned, and when you come back, there will be a pizza waiting for you.

And it will be an epicly awesome pizza.

EA's Gay And Lesbian Employees Say "It Gets Better"
Comment by: JabbaB

I have been told that I am one of the most down to earth people anybody has ever met, and with that I have always tried to clearly state only facts in an argument, and this is mine.

I have not told a soul about my sexual orientation, and up until now I have been almost entirely platonic in my relationships.

This is what I have come to realize.

I have discovered I have found interest in both the male and female body. Both are extremely complex and have their benefits and downsides. Both the mentality of a woman and that of a man are almost entirely different as well.

What I see is that the male body has a much more complex and sharp look to it, one that I find very attractive. But then I look at the simplicity of the female body, with its smooth look and soft curves, and I also find it attractive.

Beyond that, I haven't had any interest in an emotional bond with either, and I want children, so I will probably choose to be with a woman emotionally.

But, since the human body is nothing but a vessel, just as each animal is nothing but a vessel to the animals energy, why is homosexuality wrong in any way?

The way I see it, no, the way I know, homosexuality has become a bad thing through the media.

The reason people are homosexual isn't a choice and I can tell you there is ZERO DOUBT about that.

In fact, why would one choose to be something when they know it would cause them to be looked down upon?

People don't choose their orientation, it is decided for them by their genetic code.

I am a bisexual guy, and I don't care at all what people think about it.

I'm not going to hell because I find another guy attractive because one religion says I am. What about the hundreds of other religions that say nothing of the sort?

I have done everything within my power to make sure I am the best person I can be.

I am completely open to every belief because I feel every person has a right to express who they are, and they shouldn't be punished for that.

To close my point, I have one last statement, and I want it to be entirely serious.

There is a counterweight system to all of humanity. People will always do something to try to make life for themselves easier. Whether it is helping one person when they know there is another person who needs help, or joining in on the hate for gays, people always choose a side that they themselves want to be a part of.

It is all of humanity that has to decide what is right in order for it to be so, not any singular person.

One day, maybe all people will understand the open mind.

We live on one planet, and we can't have everything we want when and how we want it, but we sure as hell can try to avoid interference with the ultimate goal of happiness in others.

Just let people be and ignore what you don't find right unless it is a direct barrier to your safety.

After all, one of the more famous quotes in the same book that tells gays/bis/lesbians they will burn in hell for a trait they did not choose (ironically, everything they are is set by this deity in this religion) is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."


Has NASA Discovered Life On Saturn's Moon?
Comment by: Ratfuzz
Nominated by: LordThayer

This Thursday, they're going to start selling Beatles.

Call of Duty Giant Suing Rival Over Modern Warfare Meltdown, Paints Uglier Picture
Comment by: bigfreaky


As much as I love COD, especially from COD4 on, I can't bring myself to read all of the news about the slimy legal disputes, backstabbing and greed of these people driven insane by their vast wealth.

I'll happily contribute to their wealth (and by proxy, their madness) as long as they continue to make games that I have fun playing.

I've never understood fanboy love or hate for anything, especially game publishers. Unless they've personally wronged me, or done something terrible to the video game industry, I can't imagine having strong feelings either way.

Activision have been publishing games I like from Pitfall and Keystone Kapers to Blur and Black Ops, so they are still pretty cool in my book. Not a big fan of them charging $15 for DLC, but no one's forcing me to buy it. And I have to say that I like it better than EA's "Project $10" plan to sodomize the used and rental games industry.


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