The rules for trying to win our Fallout: New Vegas neon sign are ridiculous, but so is the idea that one of you Kotaku readers (living in the contiguous 48 of the United States) will put this in your window.

(Watch the video to learn why we even have this sign.)

At 1140 Kotaku Time (1:40PM ET) tomorrow, Kotaku will run the official Fallout Neon Sign Contest post. In that post, not this one, anyone who hopes to win must write a comment that includes the following:


1) It must name my favorite video game (mine, not yours — and don't ask me what it is; it's easy to figure out)
2) It must include a Photoshopped image that features our very own Mike Fahey
3) It must include, in exactly 31 words, a description of what the plot should be in Fallout 4.
4) There will be a fourth mystery requirement mentioned in tomorrow's post. You'll find out when it goes live.

Do those things in the comments tomorrow. The first person to pull it off — and who lives in the contiguous U.S. — will win this sign. A winner will be designated tomorrow, at which time we'll Private Message you for your address.

Only attempts made in tomorrow's post will be considered. E-mailed entries or entries made in today's post will be considered invalid.