What video games should you give this year? What 2010 highlights should you bring to Santa's attention in your harshly worded letter to him this year? Let Kotaku help you choose the best of the best video game gifts.

Whether you're a console gamer, a PC enthusiast or the type that prefers to game on the go with a portable game machine or cell phone, we've chosen ten of the best games from this year for every platform. Well, almost every platform. We've left at least one up to you.

Kotaku's 2010 Wii Gift Guide
What do you get for someone who has the most popular video game console on the market? Our rundown of the best Wii games from 2010 helps you separate the shovelware from the Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's a Wii Party of great gift ideas!

Kotaku's 2010 PlayStation 3 Gift Guide
For the PlayStation 3 owners old enough to play many of the mature games on our list, like God of War III and Heavy Rain, some suggestions from the PS3's 2010 catalog. Make sure to give at least one PlayStation Network gift certificate this holiday, if only for Joe Danger.

Kotaku's 2010 Xbox 360 Gift Guide
Which Xbox 360 games should you give or ask to get this holiday? Well, Halo: Reach, Limbo, Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and many more. Ten of the best, right here.

Kotaku's 2010 PC Gift Guide
Know a stalwart PC gamer who, for some unexplained reason, might not have StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty yet? Correct that with our selection of Windows-based gaming greats.

Kotaku's 2010 Mac Gift Guide
Hey! Mac owners need video game presents too! Show the iMac or MacBook owner on your shopping list that you don't think Mac gaming is anything to joke about with ten suggestions of OS X.

Kotaku's 2010 PSP Gift Guide
For the Marcus in your life who loves some PlayStation Portable based gaming, we offer suggestions from God of War: Ghost of Sparta to Fat Princess to Persona. Yes, there are still great PSP games on store shelves!

Kotaku's 2010 DS Gift Guide
The Nintendo DS is still going strong with a long list of new role-playing games (Dragon Quest IX), puzzle games (like the excellent Picross 3D) and games that are about making games (WarioWare: D.I.Y.). These suggestions and many more await you.

Kotaku's 2010 iPhone Gift Guide
Yes, that iPhone can also play games, some of them better experiences than making a phone call on the thing. For the iPod touch or iPhone owner on your list, ten ideas for iTunes gift-giving.

Kotaku's 2010 iPad Gift Guide
The iPad has a flood of great-looking, highly enjoyable games that you should probably pre-load on the iPad before giving it to the gamer on your list.

Kotaku's 2010 Windows Phone 7 Gift Guide
Don't forget about the recently launched Windows Phone 7! It has a very choice selection of downloadable games of all types, not just a bunch of Xbox 360 games that get hasty ports for Microsoft's iPhone rival.

Your User-Generated Android 2010 Gift Guide
We leave it up to you, the Android experts, to tell us what's great about gaming on Google's platform. Contribute!