Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock's debut trailer.

The girls of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock can transform into far less attractive cobra women, so don't get too attached. If you're looking for lurid camera angles, watch this teaser trailer.

Megadeth's "Sudden Death" on Expert difficulty proves that developer Neversoft isn't letting up on the challenge in Warriors of Rock.

Warriors of Rock features plenty of plugs, from ads for JC Penney to Coca-Cola product placement to CBGB's. Note Johnny Napalm in standard punk rock mode.


When Johnny transforms, he'll gain gameplay modifying super powers. Each character has their own unique ability, none of which will dramatically alter the way you play in Quest Mode.

Any semblance of realism is dashed when the rockers of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock transform into their super powered alter-egos.


The map for Warrior's of Rock's Quest Mode. You won't get lost on this linear journey. Promise.