To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Funny Story

Tomorrow, Mrs. Bashcraft is going to have lunch with her mother. I am going to watch Micro-Bash. Recently, the moment he becomes separated from her, the kid, who is one, kinda freaks out!

He starts saying "No Mommy, no Mommy" and then begins crying. This is, like I said, a recent development. When Mrs. Bashcraft went to America with Mini-Bash this past summer, Micro-Bash seemed okay.

In order to divert his attention from missing Mommy, I plan playing baseball with him before lunch, feeding him and then busting out the Totoro DVD. That always seems to work.

During TGS, Micro-Bash apparently didn't seem to notice that I was gone. Well, he did notice the first day. When Mrs. Bashcraft asked him a few days later where Daddy was, Micro-Bash put his hands together and bowed — like he taught him for a funeral. Guess he thought I was dead. I wasn't!


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