BioWare's Paul Barnett, a man with a keen sense of history, realised this week that Wing Commander is now 20 years old. So he, like the rest of us, wants a re-release.

So he's kicked off a campaign to have the game ported over to DOSBox, a means of running old PC games on new hardware.

Normally we don't bother publicising these kind of things, but since Barnett works for EA, the company which owns the Wing Commander rights, this isn't your average internet petition, as it's as likely to be a sneaky marketing campaign as it is a genuine crusade in the name of all that is good in the world.

Still, even if it is a marketing campaign...I don't care if it's sneaky enough to steal the socks off my feet in the dead of night if it means I get to play Wing Commander again without screwing around.

UPDATE - Paul tells us "It's certainly not a marketing campaign!" Good to hear!


[thanks Morris!]