To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

This morning I had to go to the regional immigration bureau to get my passport fixed up. I got a new U.S. passport a few weeks ago, and I needed to transfer my permanent resident visa from my old passport to my new. Also, I needed to pick up re-entry permits — Japan requires that all foreign residents pay a re-entry fee.

Multiple re-entries are available for a flat ÂĄ6,000 (US$71) and are good for a year. Thing is, if you forget your re-entry permit, you can lose your visa upon returning to Japan. Do not want to lose my permanent resident visa, because that would complicate things like my home loan, etc. And that would totally suck.


It was a relatively painless morning, but one that ate up time. The immigration bureau is the port area of Osaka. I live in the north part of Osaka. That meant a long car ride.

Tomorrow, however, I am going to get a new phone. Well, I am planning to get one. I have to cancel my current phone, too. New phooooooooone!

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