Last week we learned that Chrysler, maker of the Jeep brand, was ginning up a special ve-hickle for Call of Duty: Black Ops. So we put it to you to design a concept car for other video game franchises.

Eight_Bit_Remix submitted a mobile hiding spot for Ezio. qamulek does what we in the comedy business call a "callback." Cynical makes the Desert Bus reference and gets an auto-in. And I love Toad's pissed-off look in Dimipapa's submission.

Some needed captions. Boopadoo's is "Sam Fisher's Jeep."; Bouzi's is "Is anything more suitable for rapelay than a 1984 Chrysler minivan?" Others, like Rictor's supplied their own.


My winner? I'm surprised more didn't join NetoSenpai with the Street Fighter car destruction theme.

Congrats to all who participated. We'll see you in here tomorrow.