Japan's biggest girl group, AKB48, is getting its own PSP game and PSP hardware. There is even a bundle that comes with kisses! But really, who is going to buy this?

According to a Japanese retailer, the age breakdown for online pre-orders looks like this:

• Male - 12 percent in their teens, 18 percent in their 20s, 20 percent in their 30s, 15 percent in their 40s and 2 percent in their 50s.

• Female - 3 percent in their teens, 4 percent in their 20s, 5 percent in their 30s and 40s.

Men over the age of 50 aren't so interested in pre-ordering AKB48 PlayStation Portable games!


There are several bundles for the AKB48, including a US$441 bundle that includes a 48 "kiss mark" PSP batteries covers and 48 reversible game covers that depict each girl.

If AKB48's management really wanted to make a boatload of cashola on this game, it should have randomly inserted battery covers and slip-cases. That would've started a diehard AKB48 buying frenzy. Panic in the streets, people, panic in the streets!

AKBゲーム予約好調 購入層は30~40代男性が35% [Ameba News]