The official NFL pink ribbon field logo supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in Madden NFL 11.

Player uniform accents include pink receiver gloves and shoes, like like those worn by players during games in October.

EA Sports also recreated the official football used in October.

More pink uniform accents.

More pink uniform accents.

NFL coaches wear official shirts with the pink ribbon logo in real life, so they will in Madden, too. The game's scoreboard graphic carries the emblem and a banner across the bottom.

Notice the Gatorade cooler and sideline towels. Pink.

Breast Cancer Awareness mode is the fourth option in the Play Now menu. You'll also see it during games played in October in Franchise mode.

In October, pink-edition boxes of Madden NFL 11 will be sold at Best Buy. Electronic Arts also is donating $100,000 to Susan G. Komen For The Cure.