After a couple of failed attempts at making classic trajectory-based shooter Worms 3D on the PC, Team17 returns to its 2D PC roots with Worms Reloaded, due out August 26 on Steam.

Worms never needed a 3D version. It was perfect as it was, and Team17 acknowledges that fact with next month's release of Worms Reloaded, the first 2D PC game in the series in a decade. Reloaded plumbs the series' storied history for content, with more than 45 weapons, 60 single-player missions, a full-featured map creator, and a currency-based customization system. All this plus high-definition 2D graphics, which you can sample in the screens below.

"Worms Reloaded has been a labour of love for the team given the legacy of 2D PC Worms™ titles such as Worms 2, Worms Armageddon etc. It has been almost 10 years since the last 2D game was released on personal computers", said Martyn Brown, iconic figure in the world of Worms and Business Development Director at Team17. "In bringing Worms Reloaded to PC, we've reintroduced so much of what gamers loved about the good old days, and it's fitting that it is also the first Worms game we've self-published since the early games. We are very much looking forward to supporting the game through the community on Steam as well as our own Facebook page."


Worms Reloaded is now available for pre-purchase through Steam, with 24-hours of early access and exclusive in-game items for folks willing to preorder what could very well be the ultimate Worms experience.