Join me as I take a brief look at the Hulu Plus app running on the PlayStation 3, developing a killer craving for bite-sized candy in the process.

As a temporary PlayStation Plus member, I am able to download the Hulu Plus app from the PlayStation Store. Since I am not a member of the preview, however, I am only able to view a small selection of the content, enough to give me a taste for the service.


So far it doesn't taste so good, unlike Skittles, which are delicious and come in a wide variety of flavors.

SD streaming didn't seem too bad, though the quality is somewhat less than I am used to from Netflix running on the same PlayStation 3. HD is rather attractive, but my wireless connection struggled to keep up, causing frequent frustrating pauses as that episode of Grey's Anatomy continued to play.

I set the video to SD and came in here to write this post. Minutes later I heard, "Okay, that's it, f*** you, Hulu!" coming from the other room. My fiancée is a bit short on patience when it comes to streaming video.

So yes, I'm sticking to Netflix for now. It's safer that way.