Shots of MadCatz' new line of Call of Duty: Black Ops peripherals have surfaced and well, yes, the controllers are in fact black.

The lineup was announced way back at E3; earlier today Josh Olin, the Treyarch community manager, tweeted a link to the controller bling. The images actually come from Games Radar, a week ago. We reached out to Activision but haven't gotten official images yet. That said, no one's denying these are legit.


Not pictured, there are some controller faceplates running $14.99, a charging unit for $39.99, a PC gamepad for $29.99 that doesn't have the precision-shot functionality of its console cousins, and some voice headsets for all four platforms.

[Update]: Mad Catz contacted us this morning with official images of all products; the PS3 controller, USB drive and a charging station for the Wiimote have been added to the gallery.