Muscle-bound side-scrolling shooter Cho Aniki is coming to the PlayStation 3, according to a new rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. That's good news for fans of Speedo-wearing studs who fight similarly ripped, nearly naked dudes.

Cho Aniki is coming to the PS3 courtesy of Monkey Paw Games, the company founded by the former president of Hudson Entertainment. And while it's a boon to gamers with a thirst for quirk, the potential downer is that this appears to be a remake of PlayStation and Sega Saturn game Cho Aniki: Kyuukyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyou Otoko.


That's the fully digitized entry, featuring photographic representations of scantily clad heroes and bad guys and lacking in rippling sprite-work. It's not the most attractive entry in the series. But hey, the ESRB description sounds worth a laugh or two.

"Some sequences depict muscle-bound men forming human pyramids, cradling each other, and posing in provocative positions (e.g., heads submerged near characters' crotches). One boss character fires lasers from a phallic-shaped rod that extends from his hip. Another giant boss character shoots out gas clouds from his buttocks."

MonkeyPaw will also bring 2D fighting game Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty (aka Suikoenbu/Dark Legend) and sci-fi shoot 'em up Gaia Seed to the PlayStation 3. Both are original PlayStation titles.

Cho Aniki [ESRB]