You are looking at a one-off 1/1 scale recreation of schoolgirl Manaka Takane from Nintendo DS dating sim Love Plus. Impressive, amazing and, yes, creepy.

This was spotted at the recent Treasure Festa in Japan at the Link Factory booth. Link Factory is a Japanese prop and special effect house, so these guys are pros.

This Manaka bust, with the tongue in cheek title "My Bride Project", was made as a gag of sorts. Previously, Link Factory projects include Japanese yokai, Beat Takeshi (and David Bowie's head) from Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, and a raccoon with enormous nards. Raccoons have big balls, apparently!

リアルサイズ愛花!LINK FACTORY「ラブプラス 高嶺愛花 胸像」 【トレフェスin有明3レポ】 - [Moeyo]