For the world traveler and fighting game aficionado, consider Kuwait on your next globetrotting adventure in search of new competitors. Yousef's still-growing guide to the arcades of the Middle Eastern state illustrate a love for the one-on-one brawler.

The Kuwait arcade scene may not be as bustling as Japan's, but despite the odd dud, it's nowhere near as depressing as North Korea's game centers. Fighting games like Street Fighter IV, the Tekken series and The King of Fighters dominate, but the odd Strider, Metal Slug and Virtua Tennis offer options for the less competitive.

Our Kuwaiti arcade guide Yousef A-H deems White Tower the place to be if you're a serious fighting game fan. [We should have the next Kotaku party there!] Peruse his primer on the arcade scene in the state for, well, an uncommon look at your Tekken competition

Kuwait's Arcade Cab Database [Yousef's Kuwait]