Is Legacy really the best piece of footage based on the illustrious Street Fighter name? Guest writer Sinan Kubba explores.

OK, after three straight posts of ranting, it's time to shower a bit of love. And nothing released last week is more deserving of a love shower than the excellent fan-made production Street Fighter: Legacy. It is three minutes of absolute awesome. The fighting moves are so well executed, the music is tremendous, and the special effects are very impressive ‚Äď Ryu's fireball is suitably intense. Check out the film below.

But is it the best piece of footage based on the venerable Street Fighter series? It's debatable whether it matches up to Jackie Chan looking disturbingly attractive in Chun-Li's garb in the infamous scene from the 1993 film City Hunter.

And even if it beats that, I think it doesn't even come close to Cammy's raw sexuality in the Street Fighter animated series ‚Äď supposedly designed for children, by the by. Don't you just hate it when your plane loses both engines?

But we all know what the winner is. Raul Julia's should've-been-Oscar-winning 'Tuesday' speech as M.Bison in the best film of all time, Street Fighter: The Movie, of course.

Sorry, Street Fighter: Legacy. You're good, but not you're not that good.

Republished with permission.

Sinan Kubba is a London-based writer who contributes to Games Abyss and has his own blog, You Have Lost!. He also co-hosts the Big Red Potion podcast.