Bigfoot Networks has unveiled a PC network card that it claims is "the fastest network card available for online games". What does this mean for you? It means you may get an unfair advantage in online shootouts.

Able to automatically detect which incoming traffic is related to an online game and which isn't (and prioritise the online stuff), the Killer 2100 reckons it can process things like player movement and firing commands ten times faster than simply using a regular connection.


The Killer 2100 also claims it can reduce lag in some instances from 30 milliseconds to one millisecond. Sure, we're dealing with milliseconds here, but in online shooters, milliseconds can be the difference between a kill and a bullet in the face.

It's available now for $140. Not sure it's worth it for casual users, and this all sounds a bit too good to be true to my cynical ears, but if you spend all day playing Team Fortress 2, it might be worth a look.

[Bigfoot Networks, via VentureBeat]