The 2010 Pokemon Video Game Championships launched in Seattle on Saturday. Regional competitions continue each Saturday through June. The world championships will be in Hawaii this August. An enticing tournament, to be sure, but there are strict rule, you know.

You need a copy of Pokemon Heart Gold or SoulSilver to compete. There are many other regulations too. Plus, make sure you have legal Pokemon, which means, none of these creatures:

Ineligible Pokémon

The following Pokémon NOT eligible for use in the tournament:

151 - Mew
251 - Celebi
385 - Jirachi
386 - Deoxys
489 - Phione
490 - Manaphy
491 - Darkrai
492 - Shaymin
493 - Arceus

If you enter and compete, let us know how you do.

Official Pokemon Video Game Championship Series site.