Yesterday I wondered if EA's new 3D board game Monopoly Streets might be the Grand Theft Auto III of Monopoly games. As these first two screens show, there's at least one car and some pedestrians. Now we need guns.

Of course we won't get guns in Monopoly Streets when it ships this fall for the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, but with Xbox 360 avatars wandering about town and a car at our disposal, we can at least partake in some lovely revenge fantasies involving Xbox Live friends who might have slighted us in the past.


Also note that EA is showing off the car piece. This is the piece everyone wants to be. I bet the flat iron and thimble pieces aren't nearly as exciting. Can we ride the dog, or do we become the dog? These are the sorts of deep philosophical questions that come with a living 3D Monopoly world.