If leading a large World of Warcraft guild seems like a fun way to spend your free time, then you should probably check out Scott F. Andrews' The Guild Leader's Handbook to see the hellish task it really is.

Leading a guild is no easy task. Well, let me clarify that: Leading a successful guild is no easy task. Getting a special tabard and a guild name hovering above the head of you and a few close friends is simple. Making sure upwards of 100 people are consistently satisfied with loot, activities, and each other is the sort of nightmare job that people generally only take for the pay, only you aren't actually getting paid.


Just ask Scott F. Andrews, writer of the weekly Officers' Quarters column at WoW.com. Scott leads one of the longest-running guilds in World of Warcraft, which make sense, as he wrote the book on being an effective guild leader, literally.

The Guild Leader's Handbook is 216 pages of tips, tricks, and strategies to help new guild leaders control the hordes of Orcs, Trolls, Dwarves, and Elves under their command. Chapters range from how to create an effective and memorably guild identity to how to handle passing out loot, to dealing with the most demanding WoW subscribers of them all, the role-players.

I've had my own experiences with guild leadership in the past, and they will stay buried in the past. I'll just say that with great skill at tanking or healing comes a sense of self-importance that turns even the most kind and generous among us into pouting, foot-stomping divas. Amazon should package the book together with the Idiot's Guide to Babysitting.


But they don't, so you'll have to buy them separately. Visit the link below to check out excerpts, read user reviews, and order the book.

The Guild Leader's Handbook