Japan isn't only The Land of the Rising Sun. It's also The Land of Xbox 360 Indifference. There must be a way to double weekly consoles sales. Turns out, there is.

Well, at least once.

In last week's hardware sales tally, the Xbox 360 sold 2,214 units in Japan. By comparison, there were 28,758 PSPs sold and 25,629 PS3s sold. Only the PSPgo at 1,544 units sold and the PS2 at 1,490 units lost to the Xbox 360.


But that was before the 120GB Xbox 360 hardware bundle, which is packed with both racing game Forza Motorsport 3 and action game Bayonetta, went on sale on April 28. Because when that bundle went on sale apparently, Xbox 360 hardware sales doubled!

For the week from April 26 to May 2, the Xbox 360 sales tally in Japan was 4,943 units. That means the Xbox 360 beat out the DS Lite in weekly sales! But lost to the DSi, the DSi XL, the Wii, the PS3 and the PSP. For comparison's sake, the PSP sold 59,315 units.

Next week, the Xbox 360 can go back to selling two thousand units a week in Japan if need be. It's okay! The console is popular in other countries. Life goes on.

Xbox360、超お得のバリューバック発売効果で本体売上が前週比2倍に [はちま起稿]