CCP makes outer space look good, and the trend continues with the trailer for EVE Online: Tyrannis, an expansion pack due out this month for the sci-fi MMO that finally opens up New Eden's planets to resource-hungry players.

For seven years now, EVE Online players have been mining asteroids, ignoring planets filled with delicious, profit-heavy minerals in favorite of shooting at rocks. In the Tyrannis expansion, due out May 18, EVE's starship captains collectively come to the sudden realization that hey - there are planets here! More that 60,000 of them in fact, waiting for players to build a strategic network of extractors and processors, link them to a command center where items are manufactured; basically they'll be playing a strategy mini-game within the EVE universe.


And somehow they worked all of that into a beautiful, compelling science fiction trailer that once again has me eying that free trial button.

Check out the EVE Online: Tyrannis page for more information on the upcoming expansion.