Ready the hype engines. Set your expectations to their loftiest, for Nintendo Power is tormenting early subscribers of the mag with a forthcoming reveal of a "huge new title" to debut right around E3 2010.

"Next issue's going to be a big one," teases the Nintendo focused mag. "In addition to an exclusive cover story on a huge new title, we'll bring you first looks of half a dozen incredible games, including de Blob 2 and an astonishing title that stars one of gaming's most recognizable heroes."


Sure, we know that THQ is keen to squeeze more success out of de Blob, so a sequel doesn't surprise us. But what would Nintendo Power have on its hands? And who would you consider "one of gaming's most recognizable heroes"?

For the game, gotta be Clu Clu Land Wii. I'm calling it now.

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