It's Wednesday, and that means it's time for Speak-Up on Kotaku! This week Deanb, Goldy, Lmaonade, and Nintendo451 discuss potentially prize-winning dogs, giving up piracy, fake E3 documents, and genre failure.

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It's Not Real, Please Stop Sending It

We've been avoiding posting the pre-E3 confirmed game lists floating around the internet because, as Deanb points out, they are utter and complete bullshit. The games listed are either old, wrong, or wishful thinking, and no list like this has ever been produced for the E3 press center. It would be mighty convenient, but it isn't done.

Look I'm gonna post this so someone else doesn't.

1. Mass Effect is a EA franchise not Sony
2. Blizzard games are shown at Blizzcon not E3
3. Why is every game on there either one that's been announced already or an existing franchise with a 2/3/HD slapped on? No one got any new games this year?
4.SMT: Online came out several years ago
5. Lost Odyssey 2 is gonna be hard to make with the studio working on Last Story, and what with the games ending

Seriously do the folks mocking these up not have a decent imagination? Make up some game names, throw folks off a bit.

Pirate Reform

Nintendo451 used to be a video game pirate, but he's getting better. Behold his touching story of reform!

I'm slowly getting myself off piracy. I used to have no qualms about it. My PSP has custom firmware on it. I have a CycloDS flash card for my DS. My Wii is modded to play games off a USB drive.

But as I'm getting older, no, in the last six months or so and now that I have a real job, I feel that I should join the cycle of producer and consumer.

Now that I have a job and am able to afford games, I feel it is my duty to support a publisher and developer for putting out a good product. But along with that money, comes other responsibilities. Like rent, utilities, food, and gas, etc. Thanks to the wonders of technology I can play demos and do more research about games rather than unknowingly spending my money.

Stig Assmussen said it the best in the #podcast he did a while ago. He pirated stuff all the time as a kid. But now that he's older and supports himself, he doesn't pirate. He doesn't want people to do it now (especially his game lol), but he can certainly understand kids who DO pirate and won't chastise them for it.

I guess I'm just growing up as a gamer and a person now. I won't look down on anyone for pirating, as I did, but I will encourage people that I know to buy more.

Personally I just feel that games feel better when you buy them. They mean more to you. Maybe that's just me.

Surely You Suck At Some Genre

Lmaonade cannot get the hang of Super Street Fighter IV and the fighting genre in general, and wonders if you have a genre you suck at.

So I just bought Super Street Fighter 4 and I suck at it. I can't seem to master the super or ultra combos. Why pressing a series of buttons is so difficult for me, I don't know. Maybe it's just the one video game genre I am seriously terrible at. Everybody has a crappy genre!? Right? RIGHT!?

For me it's racing games. They just make me want to leave the house and drive badly.

Oh What The Hell, Vote For This Dog

Goldwings wants you to vote for his dog in some sort of contest. Dogs are cute, so I say why the hell not? Voting ends today, so make sure the cutest of those two dogs wins. Support your fellow Kotaku commenter!

PLEASE help me out here and vote for my dog, LEGO. Right now we are getting steamrolled and I need the votes to win that prize for my dog. It's a year supply worth of dog food, toys and medical expense, which we desperately need :'(

It'll only take 5 seconds of your time, THANKS guys.

Click here to go vote for Lego. And no, this won't be a regular thing.