A Nintendo Game Boy and a cell phone made up a bomb-like device that caused the evacuation of a Florida Panhandle high school yesterday.

A concerned student discovered the device, reportedly consisting of the Game Boy, a mobile phone, and some protruding wires, taped to the underside of sink in a restroom at Pensacola High School Monday morning, immediately reporting it to school officials. Fearing the device might be a bomb, authorities evacuated the school.

Many students waited patiently for an hour until the all-clear and then went back to class. It's estimated that three-quarters of the student body were either kept home by concerned parents or opted not to return to class.

Authorities have arrested 18-year-old Lars O'Mara, who allegedly admitted to making and placing the device in order to gain popularity and get people out of class. Lars is facing felony charges for manufacturing a hoax explosive device, using a Game Boy.

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