In honor of the new fast-car-destructo game Split/Second, we want to know which TV-show-that-has-jumped-the-shark set you'd like to virtually drive through/annihilate? Lost's Dharma Initiative bungalows? The Scrubs hospital? Send us your ideas and 5 lucky winners will snag a copy of the game!

In Split/Second, players take part in a fictional reality TV program where participants race for money and glory. Throughout a race, players can build up their "powerplay" meter by performing stunts such as jumps and precision driving such as passing very close to objects and drifting. As the player builds up their meter, special events can be triggered which create obstacles for other players, create shortcuts or alter the race course entirely. These triggers are also activated by the player's AI opponents.

Split/Second is available May 18!

Send contest entries to with "Split/Second" as the subject line. by 6PM, Wednesday, May 12. [Rules]