Big cities in Japan are packed with convenience stores. It seems like there is one on every corner. (Sometimes there is!) There is one that stands out from the rest.

Convenience store chain Lawson has opened a special Lawson Tokyo-3 conbini, or convenience store. Tokyo-3 is the fictional setting for the groundbreaking franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion. Located in Hakone, Kanagawa (the locale for Tokyo-3), the store features Neon Genesis Evangelion banners, tissues, potato chips, canned coffee, figurines, manga and nifty staff jackets.

Your purchase will even be put in a plastic bag!

Neon Genesis Evangelion debuted as a manga in 1995 and as an anime later that same year. It has since then spun off merchandise, video games and, yes, a convenience store.


Evangelion-themed Convenience Store "Lawson Tokyo-3 Shop" Opened in Hakone - GIGAZINE [GIGAZINE via Alafista]