Angel Stadium (Los Angeles Angels)
[Pitcher, 6-8-3 Right] Took forever to get this one close, but Dallas Braden's slider points the way, lining up against the advertising placard.

Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros)
[Pitcher, 6-10-3 Right] To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this effort. I was too fixated on the rosin bag and spike mat on the back of the mound. Anyone wants to try a variant on Pitcher 3 with this, post it in the comments.

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (Oakland Athletics)
[Pitcher, 9-7-2 Right] Ichiro's a bit too far from Brett Anderson, but the mound position is damn good and the plate alignment is almost perfect.

Rogers Centre (Toronto Blue Jays)
[Pitcher, 8-6-3 Right] This had a weird angle probably because of the lack of continuity behind the backstop. I decided to concentrate on the size of home plate circle and the angle of the plate.

Turner Field (Atlanta Braves)
[Pitcher, 7-8-2 Right] Home plate's a little off but I think the mound perspective is solid.

Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers)
[Pitcher, 3-10-3 Right] Maybe a little too far away. Rotating the view didn't seem to help much.

Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals)
[Pitcher 2, 2-9-8 Normal] St. Louis is one of the few parks to use a dead center field camera for its main camera, giving a truer perspective of pitch location. For this, pitcher 2 works nicely.

Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs)
[Pitcher, 4-7-5 Right] Except for the time of day (note Randy Wells' shadow on the mound) I think I nailed it.

Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks)
[Pitcher 7-9-3 Right] Another one that gave me problems. The mound's not high enough and it's too far zoomed out.

Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers)
[Pitcher 3, 2-4-4 Right] Pitcher 3 is a useful perspective if you're dealing with some gnarly zoom. Here I think it captures the mound size and position and Chad Billingsley's angle to the plate, as portrayed by the Chavez Ravine cams.

AT&T Park (San Francisco Giants)
[Pitcher, 9-5-4 right] With the exception of the depth to the backstop, this hits it on the screws.

Progressive Field (Cleveland Indians)
[Pitcher, 10-8-2 Right] Though the depth to the plate is a little off, the high zoom gets Justin Masterson's body and the mound position right.

Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners)
[Pitcher 3, 4-10-6 Right] Another angle that rested halfway between this and the next highest zoom and height settings. This view, with a 10 position, is perfect for huge breaking-ball porn.

Sun Life Stadium (Florida Marlins)
[Pitcher 3, 5-6-5 Right] This angle required the least adjustment, just one angle change and a tweak to the positioning. It's a multipurpose stadium built before the premium on luxury boxes moved camera pits to suboptimal locations, so the center field camera probably lines up most conventionally here.

Citi Field (New York Mets)
[Pitcher 3, 4-5-6 Right] I spent forever trying to line up Johan Santana's kick, which wasn't as high as it should be, before realizing he was throwing out of the stretch. Well, whatever, Mets fans are more accustomed to their starters throwing with runners on second and third, right Michael Dukakis?

Nationals Park (Washington Nationals)
[Pitcher, 5-7-5 Right] The mound stamp and the spike mat are transposed but otherwise the whole thing shapes up alright.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles)
[Pitcher 2, 2-9-5 Normal] Apparently Baltimore has gone to a center field camera this year, so it's back to Pitcher 2 here. Could probably stand to be 2-6-10.

Petco Park (San Diego Padres)
[Pitcher 3, 2-4-5 Right] Note to Padres management: Camo uniforms: Dorky, vomit-colored. Switch to active-camo and triple your base-stealing totals.

Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)
[Pitcher, 9-7-3-Right] Kyle Kendrick makes his second appearance in our gallery.

PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates)
[Pitcher 3, 1-5-8 Right] I'm gonna blame this on the backstop, which seems a little too far away. Then again, that's a stupid thing to blame it on, as the park dimensions are published in every media guide and 2K would have no reason to screw with that. But it's the only thing wrong with this shot, as near as I can tell.

Rangers Ballpark (Texas Rangers)
[Pitcher, 1-1-10 Right] Texas is now doing the center field thing too, but I found a truer angle not with Pitcher 2, but with Pitcher zoomed out, the angle flattened out, and the height raised to the maximum.

Tropicana Field (Tampa Bay Rays)
[Pitcher, 1-10-3 Right] I thought about going with Pitcher 3, 1-10-7 Right here but the zoom was still too far in on James Shields. This was the best compromise I could reach.

Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)
[Pitcher, 5-1-5 Right] Boston was one of three center field camera parks last year. After tinkering with Pitcher at Rangers Ballpark I decided to see if it would work here, and liked the results.

Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati Reds)
[Pitcher 3, 1-7-8 Right] Here's Bronson Arroyo, about to hang a slider, while Marty Brennaman responds acidly to a listener question. Or maybe the Caaahhhboy, Jeff Brantley, is about to describe another lucky fan catching a foul.

Coors Field (Colorado Rockies)
[Pitcher 3, 3-8-5 Right] Not pictured: The Highlands Ranch minivan crowd who showed up hoping to see Dante Bichette hit a home run, and will leave in the fifth inning wondering why he didn't play today.

Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals)
[Pitcher, 3-8-4 Right] A video game in standard-definition TV makes the Royals' Immodium-colored shirts look much better than in real life. I almost confused this for the Tar Heels at Boshamer Stadium, since both play to a similar size crowd.

Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers)
[Pitcher 3, 3-8-5 Right] This one gave me fits. Either the mound shape or position was going to be off or the plate approach would be skewed. Since Comerica is one of two parks with a dirt path to home, I decided to line it up that way.

Target Field (Minnesota Twins)
[Pitcher, 1-1-10 Right] The Twins have the newest field and were able to find a cozy home for a dead center camera without displacing any seats. Again, the 1-1-10 layout was better than anything pitcher 2 could offer.

U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox)
[Pitcher 3, 3-3-6 Right] I tried lowering the angle but it jacked the batter too far up. This was the best I could do.

Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees)
[Pitcher 3, 1-5-8 Right] Knowing how many Yankee fans are out there I sweated over this one more than any other. Trying to align the backstop field emblem and Javier Vazquez's high kick delivered the most accuracy, but unfortunately, it was another instance where a half-tick between maybe 7 and 8 on the camera height would have done the trick, but I didn't have that option.