It was a week full of reasonably and unreasonably priced downloads, upscaled Wii games, and one game that was about making your own games. It was a week in Kotaku reviews that we'd like to get caught up on.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Micro-Review: Almost Going Number Two
In which Mike Fahey chastises BioWare from stopping short. You think I don't know what that's about? That's my old move!

Mass Effect 2: Firewalker Micro-Review: Free Tanks, Enquire Within
In which Luke Plunkett praises a game for its tank controls.


Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Review: Pricey Maps
In which Brian Crecente really should've used the headline "Thatsa pricey meatball!"

WarioWare: D.I.Y. Review: Homebrewed Improvement
In which I steal more video game assets than the developers of Limbo of the Lost.


Wii Upscaler Review: Can The Wii Really Do High Definition?
In which Luke Plunkett finds a new excuse to whip out his copy of Zack & Wiki.


Cave Story Micro-Review: So This Is What The Excitement Was About
In which Mike Fahey spelunks like he's never spelunked before.