So maybe I was a little hard on the loading times for streaming Netflix movies on the Wii yesterday. It could be worse; it could be the same service on a PS3.

Not only did this comparison show the PS3 taking 2:53, start to finish, to load up a preview clip (compared with the Wii's 2:25), the author says the video actually looks better on the Wii.

That's pouring gasoline on a fanboy bonfire, to be sure, and for the record I think such claims are completely unverifiable on the basis of a YouTube clip alone. The bottom line is both run the video lag-free, which is what you want when you finally queue up what you're looking for. Now, taking nearly two minutes to get there isn't optimal. But at least the service has arrived.

Video Comparison: Netflix PS3 vs Wii [Super Power Bros, thanks patelliot]