Kotaku is going to Boston to have a party at PAX East, to determine the 10 greatest games of all time and to teach Penny Arcade how to spell. All your planning details are here.

On Friday night, Kotaku friends and foes aged 21 or over are invited to drop by our Alienware-hosted PAX East party. Mike Fahey and I will attempt to be respectable hosts, though I am considering sticking Fahey with bouncer duties.

Where? 33 Lounge, 33 Stanhope Street, Boston, MA
When? 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Friday, March 26.
Why? Because Fahey needs a hug.
Bonus details: Open bar for a limited time. Alienware systems will be there for you to check out, if you'd like.

On Saturday afternoon, N'Gai Croal (ex-Newsweek, current video game consultant) will join forces with me and three esteemed panelists to determine the 10 Greatest Games of All Time. [Official panel name: Kotaku and Croal: In Search Of The Best Games Ever]

I kid you not that we have already had several of the world's top game developers poring over this list, tweaking it using special rules invented by me and Croal. We even made Peter Molyneux and someone 100 times more famous than Peter Molyneux play.


During our panel, we'll review all the moves made by these folks and then have more made live by our superb panelists: Fallout New Vegas lead designer Chris Avellone (Obsidian Entertainment), Drop 7 designer Frank Lantz (Area Code) and Uncharted 2 multiplayer designer Justin Richmond (Naughty Dog). If we have time, we'll even let you play... maybe (are you going to push for Yoshi's Island?)

Where? PAX East convention, Manticore Theater
When? 11:30am -12:30pm
Why? Because we have invented the best method of all time for determining the best games of all time.
Bonus details: At the moment of this writing, Ico is not on the list.

Join us for the party. Join us for the panel! We'd love to see you at everything. Just stay out of our hotel rooms, okay?