This month, Koei is bringing anime/manga series Fist of the North Star to the PS3 and Xbox 360. The company is best known for its Dynasty Warriors hack-and-slash action games. Let's hope it doesn't screw this up.

The company has roped in popstar Nana Tanimura (pictured) to sing the title's "image song" Far Away. It doesn't sound like a very good song, but at least the game looks fantastic! Fingers crossed it plays fantastic.

According to Tecmo Koei, gamers will "unleash a myriad of devastating fighting techniques and finishing moves powerful enough to bring down whole buildings," cause enemies to "violently explode on screen" and trigger "the instantaneous breakdown of internal organs."


The manga Fist of the North Star debuted in 1983 and went on to spin off two animated series and motion pictures.