Besides action and fighting games, Japanese developer Tecmo is known for its saucy bikini characters. It's latest title, Dead or Alive: Paradise, has even been described as "creepy" by the ESRB and once features females with ridiculous proportions jiggling about.

Leading website to ask questions about playing with more than this PSP game. Here is an exchange between the site and Paradise producer Yoshinori Ueda and art director Yasushi Nakakura:

VideoGamer: Paradise features scantily-clad women and heavily sexualized content. Do you reckon some of your fans have masturbated to the game?
Ueda: [Laughs] Everybody here is married now! Basically, if people can play the game however they want to play it, then that's fine with us.
VideoGamer: You must think that someone somewhere has been so turned on by the game that they bashed one out.
Ueda: You think so?
VideoGamer: I do, yeah. I reckon a few people will have had some fun with the last trailer you put out.
Nakakura: [Laughs] Well maybe we could consider that a success.

Some might consider success by shipping half a million or a million copies. Others might consider a success by releasing a critics' favorite. At least one dude marks success by masturbation. Honesty, folks, honesty!

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