A large number of console hardware devices failing all at once. This sounds familiar.

On December 31, 2008 at around midnight PST, Microsoft's first generation Zune 30GB portable device began to go kaput en masse. "Upon when turning on, the thing loads up and... freezes with a full loading bar," a tipster told sister site Gizmodo.

By evening later that same day, Microsoft had an official fix for the Zune issue: "By tomorrow you should allow the battery to fully run out of power before the unit can restart successfully then simply ensure that your device is recharged, then turn it back on". The problem was caused by an internal clock error, namely the way it handles a leap year.

Likewise, Sony is having issues with its first generation PlayStation 3 hardware. It was originally believed to be an issue with Sony's PlayStation Network, but now some are theorizing that this snafu is related to the console's internal hardware.


As previously mentioned, Microsoft was able to pinpoint the problem and offer a solution, and hopefully Sony will be able to as well.