You know those women's magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan that promise BIG SEX NEWS every single month? Well, if a report's to be believed, they're going to be delivering BIG NATAL NEWS as the product nears release.

MCV reports that Microsoft's ramping up marketing plans for Natal that go after Nintendo's top-of-mind awareness in nontraditional games niches. Celebrity endorsements will be a factor of a campaign that targets "the parenting press, toy retailers and publications which primarily cater for non-gamers."


That would include Vogue and all those magazines with hot unattainable women you pretend not to notice when you're buying Hot Pockets at the Safeway. MCV said Microsoft invited "an elite selection of media" and other non-games firms to a VIP showcase to talk about Natal. Presumably, these were the types of magazines invited. I can't wait until Glamour starts telling us about that secret thing Milo wishes we would do, but is too afraid to ask.

Microsoft Turns to Celebs for Natal [MCVUK]