As far as purchase incentives go it's no Halo 3 multiplayer beta, but Crackdown 2's preorder bonus armor is definitely...okay, I've got nothing.

While the inclusion of access to the Halo 3 multiplayer beta definitely pushed sales of the original Crackdown, I think the game proved itself to be a worthwhile purchase on its own. The name should be good enough now to carry its own sense of excitement, without having to rely on something like Halo to sweeten the deal, right?

Still, as preorder incentives go, gold, brushed, red and blue metal suits of Agency-Issue armor might not have fans rushing to put down cash. Maybe spreading a little Halo: Reach around would have been a good idea.


Yes, I said Halo: Reach around. I've been waiting for that since last year. I should be over it now.